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Education System in Indonesia, Is there any Hope?

Education is very important. Getting education, is the right for every human. Various countries are vying to improve the quality of their country’s education. Because that way, the country can be more advanced.
Just like any other country, Indonesia also wants progress for it’s country. Awareness about the preciousness of knowledge and desire to form the good character of nation, a big reason for Indonesia to build education. With education, Indonesia society is expected to develop it’s potential so that it can prosper it’s life.
As one of the developing countries, Indonesia continues to strive for the education can be obtained easily. Starting with establishing school and establishing a 12-year compulsory school policy.
Nevertheless, the quality of education in Indonesia is still very low. The cause is the unequal education in all religion of Indonesia. Many rural and coastal areas have not received proper education.
Education in villages and coastal areas should receive more attention. In contrast to school in big cities where buildings and learning facilities is up to standard, in villages and coastal areas have very minimal facilities and infrastructure and some are not suitable to use.
We often find schools in coastal areas that have weathered buildings, hard-worn chairs, have only few books, and have 2 or 3 teachers only. This is certainly an important point that must be overcome to advance education.
Often we also find rural children who often don’t attend school and some even quit school with the reason to help parents work. This is evidence that there is still a lack of awareness among some of our societies about the importance of education.
In addition to the problems that have been discussed earlier, the problem that often occur such as violence in the world of education and lack of interest in reading the community is also an obstacles in improving the quality of education.
With the various obstacles encountered, Indonesia continues to make improvement with providing assistance in the form of funds, assistance of teacher, curriculum changes and prohibits violence in schools.
Effort are also made by various other groups such as teachers who are placed in remote areas and coastal areas trying to understand the importance of education to the community there. There is also assistance from students who volunteer and collect donation for remote schools. All done for the advancement of the quality of education in Indonesia.
Indonesia hopes, education is not just a fantasy. Not a hard thing to get. Indonesia hopes, all it’s people can get a decent education, equal education, education that will lead to progress and prosperity.

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