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Stop Violence in School

 Do you still remember the date of 2 May? What national day is it in Indonesia?
            That day is the national education day which is also the birthday of the Father Of National Education, Ki Hajar Dewantara. His high awareness of education, made many people realize the importance of education. Through his writings, he built the fundamentals of education that everyone hopes for. In his writings, he says that education is a garden. A garden that makes children happy and comfortable so they are happy to come and reluctant to go home.
            One place to get education is school. Its means the school should be look like a garden that is certainly comfortable, beautiful, shady, and fun as has been explained by the Father Of Our National Education.

            But in reality, there are many criminal cases in school nowadays that make students restless, afraid, or even don’t want to come back to school. Cases of bullies, harassment, and even brutal violence are cases that plague such diseases into schools.
            In early 2018, there have been many reports of cases of violence that occurred in schools either between students or teachers to students. For example cases of violence that occurred in Purwokerto. A teacher slapped one of his student in the classroom. Moreover, this teacher ask other student to video his actions. Not only make students fear and hurt, but this action also make students embarrassed. Is this kind of violence worth doing in education?
            Of course discipline with violence is not the best way to educate students. Disciplinary activities should be much more useful. Should be as educator, teachers understand it well.
Violence will make the rough students increasingly rude and quiet students will be increasingly afraid. Consequently, the school becomes an uncomfortable place again and even become a dangerous place for parents and students.
The condition of a school like this certainly no longer be an ideal place to acquire knowledge. The activities in school are more focused on things that don’t educate and further lower the morale of students. Then, is education supposed to be?
Disputes often occur as a factor of violence. Difference of opinion between teacher and student, teacher’s displeasure with student behavior, and other things that are contradictory of course only have one root of the problem. That is our control emotions.
Being a teacher we should be fixing our self. Look in front of the mirror and ask, “What’s my lack?” We find out the shortcomings we have. After that, what should we do? Of course accept the shortcomings and try to fix them. Usually, when we don’t want to accept our lack, we release to other in the form of violence.
As a teacher, dizzy and tired while teaching it is a job risk. Educating human being to be good human is not an easy thing.  There will be many obstacles. Student stubbornness may be one of the obstacles. But don’t be surprised by the behavior of such students because they are imitators. If student is rude, pay attention! Maybe he was treated harshly. If student smoke, pay attention! Maybe in his environment has a lot of friend who smoke. Students do seem to understand with many things that teacher teach. But them self-control is still lacking. So still need guidance from the teacher. They need a protection from teacher, not a violence.

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